Self Ordering Kiosk

Minimize Queues When You Have High Traffic

Self-ordering kiosks allow customers to easily choose what they want, paid by their convenient payment methods and get their receipt with an order number. The system will improve the efficiency of your restaurant during peak time, save your manpower to process the complex order procedures and enhancing the customer service.

  • Instantly Sending Orders to Kitchen

    The self-service kiosk communicates with Seito POS seamlessly, so the orders are printed to the corresponding kitchen printers

  • User Friendly Design & Multilingual Options

    Attractive item photos and information for easy ordering. Multilingual options break down language barriers when ordering

  • Improve Order Process Efficiency

    Improve the process of queuing at cashier counters, creates a more efficient restaurant workspace

  • Stimulate Buying Desire

    Featuring promotional photos and special offers to up-sell customers and encourage impulse ordering

  • Instant Payment

    Various fast & secure payment options let customers to choose on what they want after ordering

  • Centralized Data Management

    All item pictures and menu data are synchronized with Seito POS, easily manage in one backend program

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