Kitchen Management System

Organize & Fulfill Your Kitchen Orders Accurately

Kitchen Management System (KMS) is a complete and integrated solution that can help you improve the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of your kitchen. 

Kitchen staff can view and manage customer orders at a glance by touching the monitor display. Depending on the size of your kitchen, multiple monitors can be installed with each only displaying items that are prepared on that line. A separate pantry monitor could be installed for the overall order monitoring and consolidation, and confirm the meal delivery.

  • Easily Manage Order Status

    Easily manage order status, printing chits, prioritizing order, delay order etc.

  • Save Costs

    Reduces the use of kitchen printers, saving the cost of consumables such as paper and ribbons

  • Eliminate Paper Tickets

    Reduces messy kitchen tickets and helps to streamline communications and efficiency in both frontline and kitchen

  • Reduce Missing Orders

    Minimizes order preparation errors and missing orders, improves food delivery efficiency

  • Measure and Improve Cook Timing

    Different colors and flashing tips to alert staff of order preparation time due

  • Configurable Takeaway Order Display

    Takeaway orders can be displayed by configurable time to control the food serving workflows and guarantee the best food quality

Optimize Order Collection with Call & Collect System Integration

  • Effectively alert customers when their orders are done
  • Audible and visual alerts
  • Able to display promotional graphics or videos
  • Displays orders that are being prepared and those ready for collection
  • Supports operating with Kitchen Management System
  • Suitable for quick service operations

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Optimize Order Collection with Call & Collect System Integration
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