Retail Management System

Professional Retail Store Management Solution Especially For Department Stores and Supermarkets

Streamline Your Business Operations in an Efficient Manner

Seito’s QServe Retail Management System is a professional retail store management solution especially for department stores and supermarkets. Powerful functions streamline your business operations in an efficient manner.

  • Easy-To-Use & Customizable Operation Settings
  • Fast Transactions: Smooth & easy transaction with cash & electronic payments
  • Detailed purchase order and invoice tracking
Streamline Your Business Operations in an Efficient Manner

Feature Rich Retail POS System

  • Customer Relationship & Loyalty Management

    Membership & coupon system features

  • Customizable Settings

    Front-end desktop & customer monitor display setting, multi-language display and printing, flexible item price, discount and handle billing rounding calculation

  • Offline Mode Operation

    Allows you to have zero downtime operation even if the network connection fails

  • System Integration API

    Customizable plugins such as ERP, accounting & human resource systems to meet your business needs

Feature Rich Retail POS System

Real Time Master Data Management

  • Staff data maintenance and user right settings
  • Item master & barcode data maintenance
  • Division, Department, Class maintenance
  • Purchase amount entitlement, stamps, discounts & tax settings
  • Various types of reports provide comprehensive data for detailed analysis on sales, staff and outlet performance
  • Real-time monitoring of cashier terminal status
Real Time Master Data Management
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