Food & Beverage Management System

Gives Your Staff All The Tools They Need To Boost Sales & Improve Operation Efficiency

Fully Integrated POS System To Fulfill Your Needs

Seito Food & Beverage Management System provides you the most powerful functions and features to improve operational efficiency. Flexible and professional design makes Seito the ideal POS solution for quick service, casual & fine dining environments.

Seito provides Chain Store Management Functionality to efficiently manage food menus and sales data of all branches in its headquarters module. Seito also has a diagnostic monitoring function that keeps an eye on the status of system equipment and software located in your stores, saving administrative effort and time.

Fully Integrated POS System To Fulfill Your Needs

Optimize Your Operation and Delight Your Customers

  • Customizable Menu & Keymaps

    Item categories, set meals, modifiers, special prices, floorplans & keymaps streamline your whole order taking process

  • Portable Ordering Device

    Not only traditional POS terminals, system can be operated by Android / Windows tablet and smartphones

  • Customer Self-Service Modes

    Provides different kinds of customer self service solutions such as mobile ordering, self-ordering kiosk etc.

  • Offline Operation

    System can still operate normally by reading local database during server or network failure, and data will be synchronized automatically when resumes

Optimize Your Operation and Delight Your Customers

  • Efficient Electronic Payments

    Fully integrated with online payment gateway service provider worldwide for fast, accurate and secure transactions

  • Loyalty & CRM

    Supports variety of loyalty programs including membership points, member pricing, coupons & gift vouchers applications

  • Get Orders from Order Management Platforms

    Receive and manage orders directly from third party order & delivery platforms

Simplify Management For Restaurant Operators

  • Manage Your Centralized Data

    Manage all master data (including brands / outlets / staff info / item data) in one platform to standardize your operations

  • Diagnostic Monitoring Function

    Status of system equipment of all outlets can be monitored centrally by technical staff

  • Multifunction Reports

    Various types of real-time reports to monitor your revenue, sales analysis, staff performance & operation controls, gives you the practical insights you need

  • Connect with Technology Partners

    From CRM to ERP, our system APIs are able to connect with third party technology partners to offer the tools and features you desire to run the business

Simplify Management For Restaurant Operators
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