A Fast Casual Restaurant with a Great Balance of Nutrition and Taste

Ngam Ngam Neighbourhood (NNN) is a fast-growing F&B company aiming to serve healthy meals. "Ngam Ngam" is a popular slang in Malaysia, meaning just right, balanced, and perfect. Serving an "Ngam" meal also is the part of NNN's business vision – in 2021, NNN opened its first fast-casual restaurant in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. As of now, they have opened four restaurants, aiming to offer affordable and accessible healthy meals for all neighborhoods in Malaysia.

For serving healthy meals with high quality, the menu of NNN is designed by a team of experienced chefs. On one hand, the menu strives for nutritional balance and exquisite taste; and on the other hand, it also considers the concept of sustainable development, with various environmental promotion activities such as plant-based meals and Bring Your Own Bottle.

Challenges for NNN’s Staff

In order to maintain high-quality healthy meals, an effective and smooth restaurant operation is one of the important parts to NNN. Before using the Seito Kitchen Management System (KMS), the previous kitchen system used by NNN could not display order classification. Kitchen staff frequently needed to reconfirm order details with the front-end staff before preparing the meals. This added unnecessary preparation steps, prolonged meal preparation time, in a result of increasing work pressure on the staff.

Digitalized Kitchen Management Optimizes Meal Prep

The F&B management solutions provided by Seito further create a digitalized environment for effective restaurant management. It enhances the smoothness and efficiency of restaurant operations by coordinating the F&B management system and kitchen management system.

✔️  Seito’s KMS is able to set individual food items to only appear on specific screens. For example, beverage items in an order will only be displayed on the beverage department's screen. It reduces errors and faster turnover time

✔️  The system supports prioritization of notification for individual food items within the same order to the front end, making restaurant operations more flexible and controllable under special needs and unexpected situations

✔️  The staff are able to change order printing sequence based on kitchen operations for more flexible deployment of meal preparation steps

✔️  The order can be easily distinguished at a glance by color, whether it is for dine-in, takeout, or delivery

✔️  The system records the preparation time for each meal to assist employees in tracking progress

✔️  Production time report records meal delivery times

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