Fully Integrated POS System To Fulfill Your Needs

Seito Food & Beverage Management System provides you the most powerful functions and features to improve operational efficiency. Flexible and professional design makes Seito the ideal POS solution for quick service, casual & fine dining environments.

Seito provides Chain Store Management Functionality to efficiently manage food menus and sales data of all branches in its headquarters module. Seito also has a diagnostic monitoring function that keeps an eye on the status of system equipment and software located in your stores, saving administrative effort and time.

Fully Integrated POS System To Fulfill Your Needs

Optimize Your Operation and Delight Your Customers

  • Customizable Menu & Keymaps

    Item categories, set meals, modifiers, special prices, floorplans & keymaps streamline your whole order taking process

  • Portable Ordering Device

    Not only traditional POS terminals, system can be operated by Android / Windows tablet and smartphones

  • Customer Self-Service Modes

    Provides different kinds of customer self service solutions such as mobile ordering, self-ordering kiosk etc.

  • Offline Operation

    System can still operate normally by reading local database during server or network failure, and data will be synchronized automatically when resumes

Optimize Your Operation and Delight Your Customers

  • Efficient Electronic Payments

    Fully integrated with online payment gateway service provider worldwide for fast, accurate and secure transactions

  • Loyalty & CRM

    Supports variety of loyalty programs including membership points, member pricing, coupons & gift vouchers applications

  • Get Orders from Order Management Platforms

    Receive and manage orders directly from third party order & delivery platforms

  • Better Order Experience

    - Customers can order directly from their own mobile device

      * No need to queue (fast service mode)

      * Customer self-ordering (table service mode)

  • Smoothen Meal Preparation & Serving

    - Digitally submitted orders reduce communication mistakes taken by handwriting or manual order

    - Reduces workload of waiters and cuts down labour costs

  • Well Present & Manage Your Contents

    - Update your menu in minutes
    - Well display your marketing messages and photos
    - Reduce menu design & printing cost
    - Preset and schedule your content to display when and how you want

Three Operation Modes in One System

  • Guest Mode

    Customers using their own devices, scanning the provided QR code. Then select items and confirm the order

  • Waiter Mode

    Staff will take customer orders right at tableside, reducing missing orders and providing customers an exalted experience

  • Takeaway Mode with e-Payment & Self-Pickup

    By scanning a QR code from your promotional channels, customers can place orders, specify pick-up time and seamlessly process electronic payment from their mobile device

Three Operation Modes in One System

  • Centralized Data Management

    All item pictures and menu data are synchronized with Seito POS, easily manage in one backend program

  • Instant Payment

    Various fast & secure payment options let customers pay how they want after ordering

  • Portable Payment (Pay at the Table)

    Used with a smart POS terminal, “Pay at the Table” operation enables tableside payment to enhance the dining experience

Self-ordering kiosks allow customers to easily choose what they want, paid by their convenient payment methods and get their receipt with an order number. The system will improve the efficiency of your restaurant during peak time, save your manpower to process the complex order procedures and enhancing the customer service.

  • Instantly Sending Orders to Kitchen

    The self-service kiosk communicates with Seito POS seamlessly, so the orders are printed to the corresponding kitchen printers

  • User Friendly Design & Multilingual Options

    Attractive item photos and information for easy ordering. Multilingual options break down language barriers when ordering

  • Improve Order Process Efficiency

    Improve the process of queuing at cashier counters, creates a more efficient restaurant workspace

  • Stimulate Buying Desire

    Featuring promotional photos and special offers to up-sell customers and encourage impulse ordering

  • Instant Payment

    Various fast & secure payment options let customers to choose on what they want after ordering

  • Centralized Data Management

    All item pictures and menu data are synchronized with Seito POS, easily manage in one backend program

Access all sales data wherever you are

Using Seito Intelligent Management App on your mobile device, you are able to get real-time sales data of all your outlets, including different types of reports. In addition, sales data will be provided in different formats, such as grouping by departments or by time periods. Now you can access all sales data wherever you are.

Access all sales data wherever you are

  • Supports both iOS and Android based mobile devices
  • Support different languages including English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese
  • Comparative charts and tables to display data
  • Shows real-time sales data in various formats, such as grouping by departments, by categories, by items or by time periods
  • Provides versatile reports, such as sales report and transaction report

Kitchen Management System (KMS) is a complete and integrated solution that can help you improve the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of your kitchen. 

Kitchen staff can view and manage customer orders at a glance by touching the monitor display. Depending on the size of your kitchen, multiple monitors can be installed with each only displaying items that are prepared on that line. A separate pantry monitor could be installed for the overall order monitoring and consolidation, and confirm the meal delivery.

  • Easily Manage Order Status

    Easily manage order status, printing chits, prioritizing order, delay order etc.

  • Save Costs

    Reduces the use of kitchen printers, saving the cost of consumables such as paper and ribbons

  • Eliminate Paper Tickets

    Reduces messy kitchen tickets and helps to streamline communications and efficiency in both frontline and kitchen

  • Reduce Missing Orders

    Minimizes order preparation errors and missing orders, improves food delivery efficiency

  • Measure and Improve Cook Timing

    Different colors and flashing tips to alert staff of order preparation time due

  • Configurable Takeaway Order Display

    Takeaway orders can be displayed by configurable time to control the food serving workflows and guarantee the best food quality

Optimize Order Collection with Call & Collect System Integration

  • Effectively alert customers when their orders are done
  • Audible and visual alerts
  • Able to display promotional graphics or videos
  • Displays orders that are being prepared and those ready for collection
  • Supports operating with Kitchen Management System
  • Suitable for quick service operations

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Optimize Order Collection with Call & Collect System Integration

Seito Coupon Management System (CMS) is integrated with the checkout operation and able to eliminate manual processes and avoid human error, improving the cost-effectiveness of issuing coupons. Optimizing effective management of coupons, you can flexibly develop your marketing strategy to expand your revenue!

  • Supports Issuing Various Types of Physical & Digital Coupons

    Supports various coupon & voucher categories such as item redemption voucher, cash voucher, item discount coupon and pre-defined discount coupons

  • Simply Redeem Customer Coupons at Seito POS

    Staff can check and redeem customer’s digital or physical coupons at Seito POS system by simple steps, the usage status will be automatically updated to the CMS system

  • Real-Time Check & Update Coupon Status

    Shows the sales status and batch edit of all coupons in real-time. No messy anymore to well manage your coupon status

  • Save Operation Costs

    Eliminate manual process on coupon information and avoid human error, therefore improve the cost-effectiveness of issuing coupons

  • Secure Transmission

    High-level encrypted transmission and support of anti-counterfeiting number (CVV) for coupons

  • Performance Analytics

    Various types of status and usage reports help you to analyze and monitor your business from coupons easily

  • Able to Integrate with Third-Party CRM Platforms

    Able to provide a complete loyalty management solution through the integration with third-party CRM platforms. Explore more business opportunities

Seito Membership System supports centralized database management of member information. Member status and other information including bonus points, stored value. Branches can read the relevant member information from the head office server and member transaction information will update to the head office database regularly.

  • Transaction Record

    Caters to member's special requests, discounts and transaction history

  • Add Value

    Add value at front-end & deduct value as a payment tender

  • Reward Dollars

    Automatic reward dollars accumulation and use as a payment tender

  • Bonus Points

    Automatic bonus point accumulation and manually convert bonus point to gifts / food items / rewards dollars

  • Discounts

    Automatic % discount by membership type

  • Integrate with Third Party CRM Platforms

    Integrate with third-party CRM solution providers through API to strengthen and optimize the membership databases

Streamline Your Business Operations in an Efficient Manner

Seito’s QServe Retail Management System is a professional retail store management solution especially for department stores and supermarkets. Powerful functions streamline your business operations in an efficient manner.

  • Easy-To-Use & Customizable Operation Settings
  • Fast Transactions: Smooth & easy transaction with cash & electronic payments
  • Detailed purchase order and invoice tracking
Streamline Your Business Operations in an Efficient Manner

Feature Rich Retail POS System

  • Customer Relationship & Loyalty Management

    Membership & coupon system features

  • Customizable Settings

    Front-end desktop & customer monitor display setting, multi-language display and printing, flexible item price, discount and handle billing rounding calculation

  • Offline Mode Operation

    Allows you to have zero downtime operation even if the network connection fails

  • System Integration API

    Customizable plugins such as ERP, accounting & human resource systems to meet your business needs

Feature Rich Retail POS System

Real Time Master Data Management

  • Staff data maintenance and user right settings
  • Item master & barcode data maintenance
  • Division, Department, Class maintenance
  • Purchase amount entitlement, stamps, discounts & tax settings
  • Various types of reports provide comprehensive data for detailed analysis on sales, staff and outlet performance
  • Real-time monitoring of cashier terminal status
Real Time Master Data Management

Delight Your Customers with Attractive Digital Signage!

With Seito iMenu System, your restaurant administrators can use the management interface to control the digital menu and promotion display contents, to create a more engaging experience for your customers. Now you can use the power of videos and images to delight your customers and cross-sell your items.

Delight Your Customers with Attractive Digital Signage!

Centrally Manage Your Digital Menus at Every Outlet

  • Headquarter administrators can centrally control the layout settings of all outlets through the cloud-based backend system

Customize Your Menu Layouts

  • Drag & drop your photos, videos, texts and item bars to your menu boards at the easy-to-use interfaces

No Manual Replacement of Menus

  • Menus can be automatically changed based on a predefined schedule, eliminating the need to maintain your menu boards manually

Optimize Order Collection with Call & Collect System

  • Call & collect function is included in i-Menu System, which supports operating with Kitchen Management System to effectively alert customers when their orders are done

Customers using delivery platforms to take orders has become part of the trend, have you ever had the trouble of anticipating too many orders and not being able to manage them properly during peak hours?

With Seito Order Management System, your delivery orders will send to your POS directly with notifications. You can easily consolidate and manage all orders of your restaurant and delivery platforms at Seito POS. No more extra devices and applications, and no need to re-enter orders to eliminate order mistakes.

Receive Orders to POS in Real Time

  • POS receives online orders from third-party delivery platforms automatically in real-time, staff is not required to re-enter orders to POS and eliminates human errors and improved the accounting workflow

Easy to Handle Your Orders

  • Accept, reject and check your order status through the POS. Orders will be directly sent to your kitchen printers or kitchen management system

Save Money and Extra Hardware

  • No more extra devices of those delivery platforms. Save money on maintenance and working space

No Need to Worry About Missing Orders

  • Notify every delivery order at your POS instantly

Delivery Order Performance Analytics

  • Clear and accurate reports to help management understanding the sales performance of online delivery orders

Able to Integrate with 3rd Party Online Delivery Platforms

  • Able to provide a complete delivery order management solution through the integration with industry leading online delivery platforms, such as foodpanda, Deliveroo & Keeta

Simplify Management For Restaurant Operators

  • Manage Your Centralized Data

    Manage all master data (including brands / outlets / staff info / item data) in one platform to standardize your operations

  • Diagnostic Monitoring Function

    Status of system equipment of all outlets can be monitored centrally by technical staff

  • Multifunction Reports

    Various types of real-time reports to monitor your revenue, sales analysis, staff performance & operation controls, gives you the practical insights you need

  • Connect with Technology Partners

    From CRM to ERP, our system APIs are able to connect with third party technology partners to offer the tools and features you desire to run the business

Simplify Management For Restaurant Operators

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