We are honored that Tao Heung’s digitization project provided by Seito and Mobile.Cards were shortlisted in the “Best Retail Innovation (Application – F&B) Award” from the program of Hong Kong Retail Innovation Award 2021, organized by Hong Kong Technology Industry Association (HKRTIA) and co-organized by Institution of Dining Art. In addition to recognizing the achievements of Tao Heung Group in promoting the awareness and adoption of the latest technologies across F&B, the award judges also recognized the mobile order and CRM solution combination provided by Seito and Mobile.Cards.

With Seito Online Ordering System, customers can use their cell phone to place orders at the restaurant of Tao Heung Group instead of traditional order forms, reducing the workload of servers and thus allowing them to focus on other services at the frontline. To operate with Mobile.Cards’ mobile CRM app, further enhances the membership management and gift certificate application by the integration with Seito Coupon Management System, and also promotes the takeaway pre-order and voucher sales activities. 

Through the digitization project, not only increased the service quality to customers but also brought substantial revenue to the merchant. Therefore, winning this award has brought encouragement to both merchants and the system providers.